A Total Guide To Carbide Cutting Tools

A Total Guide To Carbide Cutting Tools

A Total Guide To Carbide Cutting Tools

We are surrounded by a heap of materials that require cutting or shaping to different sizes or forms. For instance, you might want to cut through a wooden or plastic sheet while working in your shed. If you’re on a more advanced level, you may want to create your own furniture. The one thing that is universal in all of these situations is needing a good cutting tool. Without that, you wouldn’t be able to get the job done.

When it comes to cutting tools, you have access to several options. For starters, cutting through wood or plastic is easy since these materials are soft, and therefore cut easily. Other materials require harder and stronger cutting tools. This is where the carbide cutting tools come into play.

What Are Carbide Cutting Tools?

Carbide Cutting Tools Carbide cutting tools are among the hardest tools available in the market. These are made using cemented tungsten carbide. While you can find several cutting tools in the market for different purposes when it comes to cutting hard objects, carbide cutting tools get the job done with ease.

Carbide cutting tools are available in a variety of sizes and can be bought for both commercial and industrial use. These tools can retain their cutting edge hardness for an extensive period.

In addition to that, they reduce the cycle time of the machine they are being used with as well. This is thanks to how good these tools are at higher speeds. They deliver an excellent surface finish as well.

Carbide tools are also excellent when it comes to longevity because the carbide chip that is present on the surface is resistant to wear and tear. This results in a longer lifespan for your tool, so you won’t have to worry about having to change your cutting tool anytime soon.

Carbide cutting tools do more than just cutting too. They can be used for turning and face mills as well.

These tools are the industry standard when it comes to machining highly abrasive material. Thanks to the hardness of solid carbide, dealing with abrasive material becomes much easier.


Are Carbide Tools Harder Than High-Speed Steel tools?

Carbide tools are harder than high-speed steel tools. However, that is not the only way they are better than high-speed steel tools. Carbide cutting tools also offer higher cutting speeds and a longer tool life.

Additionally, the red hardness of carbide steel ranges from 800 to 1000-degree Celsius whereas high-speed steel tops at around 650-degree Celsius.

Will Carbide Cut Hardened Steel?

The standard micro-grain carbide grade cannot cut through hardened steel. The reason behind this is that hardened steel is a lot stronger than the carbide. Therefore, dry machining is used to cut hardened steel. However, there are variants of carbide tools that can cut through hardened steel.

You can cut through hardened steel by using carbide cutting tools made out of Ultrafine Micrograin Carbide or Nanograin Carbide. These carbide variants are not only denser but also have higher heat resistance. Both of these attributes combined make these variants excellent for cutting through-hardened steel.

Is Carbide Stronger Than Steel?

Carbide or Tungsten Carbide is much harder than steel and, in many cases, titanium as well.  For starters, it ranks on 9 or 9.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness and has a Vickers number of around 2,600. It also has Young’s modulus ranging from 530-700 GPa.

Carbide itself is a chemical compound, made from equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms. Naturally, it comes as a grey powder and that you can press and turn into various shapes.

Final Thoughts

Carbide cutting tools have been around for some time. They have slowly started replacing tools of the past that used a different material. Carbide tools are excellent in almost all their applications. They’re one of the most popular types of cutting tools because they make the cleanest and straightest cuts.

Whether you are cutting plastic, wood, steel, hardened steel, or even titanium, this type of cutting tool is known to get the job done. The cleaner cuts also reduce kickbacks and will result in a much finer and cleaner result overall.

Although they are expensive, carbide tools last quite long compared to other cutting tools and can make it through a long production run. Thanks to their incredible cutting speed and higher heat resistance, they’re an excellent investment to make.

Some of the more expensive carbide tools variants such as the Ultrafine Micrograin Carbide or Nanograin Carbide are even more resilient to heat and can withstand harder materials, like hardened steel, with ease.

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