Cutting Tools – All You Need to Know

Cutting Tools – All You Need to Know

Cutting Tools – All You Need to Know

Cutting tools come in many varieties and variants. But what makes them different from each other? How do you choose the most suitable one? Specific tools are used for particular materials, and we’re here to tell you all you need to know about them.

Each cutting tool is made up of a certain material and has a particular level of sharpness, number of cutting points, and features. You need to choose the most suitable one for you according to the material you want to sculpt and the nature of your task.

We’ll give you a detailed guideline on cutting tools and their types. We’ve also listed down some of the best suited tools for paper and metal further below.

What are Cutting Tools?

Cutting tools are any sharp devices used for shaping material. They are meant to remove excess parts of a material and help give it a particular shape.

Types of Cutting Tools

Cutting tools can be classified according to their material and purpose. There are two primary types.

Single Point Tool

Single-point tools are tools with only one cutting edge. They are used for making linear slits and for shaping an object while moving. Examples of single-point tools include a knife and a paper cutter.

MultiPoint Cutting Tools

Multipoint cutting tools, as the name suggests, comes with multiple cutting edges. They are used for creating 3D shapes and for complex tasks. Examples of multipoint cutting tools include drills, milling tools, and threading tools.

5 Best Tools for Cutting Metal

Cutting and shaping metal are crucial for making objects such as machines and locks. Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best cutting tools for metal:

1.      Turning Tool

Turning tools are single point cutting tools. These tools are used to shape metal in any desired shape and are perfect for making sharp and smooth edges.

2.      Drilling Tools

Drilling is a crucial part of making instruments, machines, and gears out of metal. Drills are used to make holes in the metal chunks. One of the most popular types of drills is a modular drill.

3.      Milling Tool

Milling tools are used to shape and smooth the outer edges of a metallic piece.

4.      Threading Tool

Threading tools work like turning tools, but they are used for more complex cutting, like making threads on screws.

5.      Grooving Tool

Grooving tools are used to scratch the metal surface. They are not usually used for cutting and are instead meant for engraving and designing purposes.

5 Best Cutting Tools for Paper

Paper is easier to cut than metal. To create designs and making precise paper cuts, here are the 5 best tools for cutting paper:

1.      Hobby Knife or Craft Knife

Hobby knives or craft knives are the most commonly used paper cutting tools. They are used for cutting straight and curvy lines on paper with precision.

2.      Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is an advanced version of a craft knife or paper cutter. This cutter comes with a round blade that rotates to give more smooth and fine cuts on paper.

3.      Guillotine Paper Cutter

A guillotine paper cutter is a professional-level paper cutter that consists of a base with a sharp edge, a ruler grid, and a lever. It is used to cut several layers of paper at once. The ruler grid helps in making precise cuts each time.

4.      Rotating Paper Cutter

A rotating paper cutter is another paper cutting tool that is designed for precise cutting. It is somewhat similar to a guillotine paper cutter, but it comes with a rotating blade. It helps in cutting paper in different shapes and not just in a linear manner.

5.      Punching Machines and Silhouette

Punching machines, silhouettes, and circuits have levelled up the paper cutting game. They allow you to cut any desired design on your paper regardless of its complexity.

Final Thoughts

Cutting tools are now not just confined to scissors, knives, and saws. You can find a good variety of tools to cut all kinds of materials with and with each passing day, new ones are introduced in the market.

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