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About Us

About Gandtrack

Gandtrack Ltd is a market leader in the design and manufacture of specialist cutting tools for the Aerospace industry. Since 1981 we’ve been supplying high quality drills, reamers, routers and countersinks to a variety of specialist markets. We supply high quality tooling for composite cutting applications to specification with a focus on innovation and quality.

From our manufacturing site and Head Office in Oldham, Lancashire, UK we design and manufacture cutting tools for distribution to the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Our specialist cutting tools can be used in a wide number of applications and are purchased across a broad range of industries. These include;

  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Motor Sport
  • Military Aerospace
  • Maritime
  • Specialist Engineering
  • Space
  • Renewable Energy
  • Prototype Projects
  • Movie Props

We offer technical support and advice to our customers on tool application and how to get the best from our tools.

Gandtrack Ltd also re-grind, re-work and recoat existing cutting tools. As well as doing this for the UK market, we have expanded our business plan to include Gandtrack Asia, which was set up in 2008 to support our services in Malaysia and across Asia..

Key Personnel

  • Brian Hirst (Managing Director)
  • Graham Hirst (Director)
  • Adrian Jones (Director)
  • Nathan Mayberry (Workshop Manager)

Our team have vast experience in delivering effective solutions in cutting tool applications and tool management. We are proud to be a market leader and will suggest alternative methods in tool design where we can see benefits.


Gandtrack has always endeavoured never to sacrifice quality in its products, investing heavily in new technologies and machine software in production and inspection. Our aim is to supply superior products with the right geometry for the materials being used. This ensures longer lasting cutting tools, which produce the best quality finish and the highest quality products.


The Walters Heli-Toolcheck 3C is employed at Gandtrack Ltd to achieve high accuracy in Metrology Technology. In conjunction with the metal processing industry, Aerospace engineering or Automotive manufacturing, in times of ever increasing demands on tool precision and productivity, we also see a sharp rise in the requirements on the measuring technology employed. We are capable in documenting accuracies in accordance with AS9100, ISO9001 and QS900. With this technology you can have the confidence that we can manufacture conformed, high quality bespoke tools to the quantities you require.


Gandtrack Limited is a market leader in the design and manufacture of specialist cutting tools for the Composite, Aerospace and associated industries.


Gandtrack Ltd
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Gladstone Business Park,
Gladstone St, Moorhey
Oldham, OL4 1AX

+ 44 (0)161 627 2627 + (123) 124-567-8901